Mass online collaboration that transforms communities and tackles daunting social, technological, and scientific problems.

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Inspire Innovation

Solvable helps organizations and networks tackle big problems through collaboration. By building relationships through technology, our clients unlock their potential for innovation and realize the power of their online communities. We do it by uniting the power of enterprise social networks with the new field of network science.

Photo: Derivative work of “DLD Crowd” by jeanbaptisteparis on flickr under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Transform Healthcare

Solvable Health increases the capacity of research networks to innovate. Our work shifts the tectonic plates of existing knowledge systems to create new landscapes of connectivity, trust, and impact. By combining network science with data analytics, we guide strategic interventions that radically transform networks. And we do it because these networks–your networks–are where groundbreaking solutions emerge. Are you ready?

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Lead Systemic Change

Solvable Convene hosts and facilitates hybrid engagements that precede and last beyond events. We believe that broad, systemic change on issues like sustainability and healthcare is not solely about technology deployment and knowledge sharing, but also about how we build communities of shared passion and interest over distributed geographies, time, and disciplines. We blend face-to-face engagements with online social technologies to ensure events become more than one-time gatherings, but rather long-term action networks. Join us in trying a new way to convene where the event is just a springboard for transformation.

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