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Future of BC Real Estate

Together with Charles Holmes and Monique Morden, we led a year-long research and engagement process with the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) called the Journey of Discovery. Through secondary research, primary research, engagement events, a Facebook campaign, and executive presentations, we helped set a new strategic course for BC organized real estate over the next five years.

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Data Leadership Summit

Instead of creating yet another “one-to-many” style big data conference, the Solvable team designed a C-level Summit where regional leaders could learn from peers in small and large group dialogue. Through an invite-only event sponsored by the REBGV, we hand-selected regional leaders from across industries to develop strategies for how to harness greater value from their organizations’ data.

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A conference is more than a group of people attending the same event. It is a network of individuals who share interests, connections and expertise. Using social network analysis tools, we map existing connections and participant expertise areas. We then mine those maps to design online and in-person engagements that facilitate new connections and collaborations.

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Transform Healthcare

Solvable Health increases the capacity of research networks to innovate. Our work shifts the tectonic plates of existing knowledge systems to create new landscapes of connectivity, trust, and impact. By combining network science with data analytics, we guide strategic interventions that radically transform networks. And we do it because these networks–your networks–are where groundbreaking solutions emerge. Are you ready?

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